1966 Alon A2 Aircoupe


TOTAL TIME:          3865 hours since new

ENGINE:                   1025 since major overhaul (90 hp)

                                      270 since bottom overhaul

PROP:                          270 since prop overhaul      


EXTERIOR:              Purple base w/invasion stripes, orange/white checkerboard tail, white

                                    wings w/purple & orange lightning bolts along tops & bottom

INTERIOR:               Blue vinyl w/fabric inserts, grey carpet


COMMENTS:           Complete logs, useful load 423.5 lbs., annual done 3/22, all metal,

                                    standard rudder pedals



RST-564A Audio panel with 2-place intercom

Airmark Marker Beacons

Narco Com 810 (Digital)

KX-170B Nav/Com

Narco AT50 Mode C Transponder

Yoke-mounted Push-to-Talk

LRI Lift-Reserve (Angle of Attack) Indicator

Uavionics Skybeacon Wingtip ADSB




Baggage Area Mod.

Wheel Pants

Canopy Cover

Hobbs Meter

24 Gallons Fuel

Wing Tip Strobes

Cleveland brakes

Rudder pedals

Sky-Tec Starter


PRICE: $26,900.00


Specifications and availability subject to verification by purchaser